Excess fat and loose skin often leave a “flabby” appearance on the upper arms.

This area can be challenging to target with diet and exercise and sometimes impossibly due to skin laxity. Therefore, arm Lift surgery or a Brachioplasty is performed to eliminate the stubborn fat and eliminate the batwing appearance. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia; your incision is on the inside or back of your arm.

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Benefits Of An Arm Lift

  • Eliminate Loose Skin On The Arms: During the Brachioplasty procedure, your surgeon tightens and removes the excess skin from your arms.
  • Create A Toned Arm Appearance: The results of this procedure will bring out your toned arm muscles underneath all the excess skin.
  • Eliminate Loose And Flabby Appearance: This procedure will help get rid of the batwing look on your arms. Your surgeon removes the excess and flabby skin on your arms, leaving your arms with a more toned and smooth appearance.
  • Improve Comfort And Confidence In Clothes: It can often be challenging to find comfortable clothes that you feel confident in when self-conscious about your arm’s appearance. This procedure improves your confidence and comfort in clothes; bring out those tank tops again.

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Types Of Arm Lifts


This procedure involves the excision of skin and fat in the arm with the incision stretching from axilla to inner elbow.

Extended brachioplasty

Same as above but scar includes removal of skin in axilla and along lateral chest wall. This is for those patients with skin that extends into axilla and chest.

Consultation Process

You will discuss your procedure goals and options during your consultation with one of our four surgeons. After that, your surgeon will recommend a procedure plan that aligns with your goals and fits your specific case needs. Click here if you’re ready to schedule your consultation.

Arm Lift Recovery

Immediately after:

Immediately after surgery, you should avoid strenuous activities. You should be back to work after a weekend of healing.

One week:

After the first week, you can start walking on a treadmill. No running or heavy lifting for at least 4-5 weeks.

One to two months:

One month after, you should be back to a full routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How bad will the scar be?

You will have a scar from under your armpit to your elbow. However, if you are always wearing long sleeves because you hate your arms then the scar will not bother you.

How long is the incision?

There are a number of different types of arm lifts that can range from a smaller incision near the arm pit to a larger incision from the armpit down to your elbow. Once you meet with surgeon, they will be able to determine which option is best for you.

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