Many factors play into your anatomy.

For example, some women prefer a more significant behind, but it is impossible to achieve through exercise. A Brazilian Butt Lift gives your buttocks the shape they were always meant to have. The BBL uses the liposuction procedure and fat grafting to add volume and shape to your buttocks. Learn more about this procedure below.

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What A Brazilian Butt Lift Can Do

  • Improve Shape: Often, the look of our behind has a squared-off appearance rather than a round one. The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure improves the shape of your buttocks by creating curves through liposuction and adding fat back into the areas that need it.
  • Create Curves: This procedure creates curves in all the right areas. With liposuction and buttock fat grafting, you have an hourglass shape and a curved behind.
  • Fills In Hip Dips: A BBL also addresses the hip dips. Hip dips are inward depressions on the sides of your buttocks that are not easily addressed with exercise. This procedure fills in the pits giving you a more full and round appearance.
  • Create Contour: Since the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure involves liposuction, you can contour areas of the body that are trouble spots. For example, you can contour your waistline with abdominal and flank liposuction, decrease the inner thigh fat or even say goodbye to the flabby arms.

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Procedures Involved In A BBL


For the Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Lund harvests fat through liposuction in various areas of your body. He can harvest the fat from the flanks, abdomen, back, or thighs. Once enough fat is harvested, he moves to the fat grafting process.

Fat Grafting

After the fat is harvested from the body, it is purified and filtered, and then injected into the buttocks to achieve a well-balanced and shaped behind. It is used to give volume to the areas that might be lacking using a microfat transplant.

Consultation Process

Dr. Lund is the only board-certified surgeon in our office who performs the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. You will discuss your procedure goals and options during your consultation After that, your surgeon will recommend a procedure plan that aligns with your goals and fits your specific case needs. Click here if you are ready to schedule your consultation.

What is BBL Recovery like?

Immediately after:

You will experience soreness and swelling in the areas liposuctioned to harvest the fat and shape the torso and body. You may experience tightness and numbness in the buttocks. Some drainage from the liposuction sites is not uncommon-usually just a bit of spotting. Ice packs help some patients with their discomfort. Mild pain pills also help with discomfort for the first few days.

Most patients can shower in 48 hours.

Patients are strongly urged to begin walking on the evening of their surgery.

It is very important to avoid sitting or laying off the buttocks to keep pressure off of the fat grafts.

One week:

The liposuctioned sites may be sore and bruised. Some areas may have a sense of lumpiness and irregularity which is normal as swelling will be uneven for the first few weeks. This will resolve. Sutures will be removed from all liposuction and fat injection sites. Steri-strips will be placed to support the healing. The buttocks will look very swollen and give the impression that “too much” fat was grafted. This is normal.

Compression garments are still required but may be adjusted as the swelling resolves. Patients can gradually increase the amount of time they spend sitting or laying on their backs with the lifting of restrictions around week 3 or 4.

Two to three weeks:

All restrictions are removed. Patients can shower, bathe, swim, sit for any length of time, etc. The buttocks swelling will be decreasing causing some to worry it will all “go away.” This is normal postoperative shrinking and will stop around one month after surgery. The fat cells will begin to increase in size over the next two months as they recover from their transfer. Compression garments are no longer needed.

Numbness may take a few more months to resolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much fat can be put into my butt?

The amount of fat that can be grafted into your buttocks depends on the amount of fat that can be harvested from your body.

Can I still get a BBL if I don’t have much fat?

No, if you are fairly skinny and don’t have any fat you are not a candidate for a BBL.

How many areas will the liposuction be from?

A standard BBL will typically include 2-3 areas of liposuction that will then be transferred to the buttocks.

What are the weight restrictions?

Dr. Lund will need enough fat for the transfer, so, you will need enough areas to transfer from. He does have a BMI limit of 35.

Trust Our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon for Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Lund performs the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, and will discuss your procedure goals and options during your consultation. After that, he will recommend a procedure plan that aligns with your goals and fits your specific needs. Request a consultation using the online form, or call us at (636) 530-6161 to schedule an appointment.

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