Losing a great deal of weight is a big accomplishment, and you should feel proud and confident in your new body.

But following significant weight loss, you may be left with excess, hanging skin that can be bulky and uncomfortable, keeping you from fully enjoying your weight loss results. Body contouring surgeries can help you reveal your slimmer shape. Learn more about your body lift options at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery.

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Who Is a GoodBody Lift Candidate?

Healthy non-smokers who have lost substantial amounts of weight may be good candidates for these procedures. Most people who undergo post-bariatric or post-weight loss plastic surgery are seeking relief from:

  • Loose, sagging skin on their arms, back, chest, flanks, abdomen, thighs, or buttocks
  • Chafing, rashes, or skin infections from folds of redundant skin
  • Residual fat and bulk that hides the body’s new, slimmer contours

Body lifting procedures aren’t just for weight loss patients. Some people develop sagging skin and tissues due to genetics or aging. One of our board-certified plastic surgeons will evaluate your unique case and help you determine which procedure is best for you.

Types of Body Lifts

Under the body contouring umbrella are several procedures, including:

Tummy Tuck

Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck addresses the hanging and excess skin on the abdomen. It can also tighten and repair separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) and, when paired with liposuction, can help give you a sculpted, slimmer midsection.

Thigh & Buttock Lift

A thigh and buttock lift is performed to create a tighter, firmer look to the thighs and buttocks after major weight loss has left sagging, loose skin that can impede comfortable movement.

Arm Lift

When fat and sagging skin cause “batwings” to form under the upper arms, an arm lift can restore a more toned appearance. By reshaping the tissue, your surgeon can also reveal more pronounced musculature in the biceps.

Breast Lift

Sagging breasts and downturned nipples can be restored to a perkier position with a breast lift. By removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue, patients can enjoy a more shapely and uplifted look.

Gynecomastia Surgery

Men who are left with sagging or fullness in their breasts may choose gynecomastia surgery, also called male breast reduction, to restore a firm, fit look to their chest.

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Body Lift Benefits

Following major weight loss, our body lift patients can look forward to enjoying:

  • Tighter abdominal muscles
  • Shapelier body contours
  • A slimmer silhouette
  • Movement unimpeded by hanging skin
  • Improvement to multiple areas (if desired)

What Is Body Lift Recovery Like?

Depending on which procedure(s) you choose, you will likely need to wear compression garments to manage swelling and support healing tissue. Drains may also be put in place to prevent the build-up of serous (wound) fluid. Most patients return home on the day of surgery, but cases may require an overnight hospital stay.

Discomfort typically peaks between days 3 and 5, after which most patients can stop taking pain medication or muscle relaxants. Your doctor will advise you when you can shower, but you will need to avoid baths, swimming, and hot tubs for the first month. You can likely resume driving after the first week (if you’re no longer taking pain meds), and most people return to work after 10 to 14 days.

We encourage you to start walking as soon as you can to protect against blood clots and accelerate your recovery. You can gradually ease into more strenuous workouts by week 6, but it may take up to 3 months before you are fully back in action. Consult with your surgeon about how soon you can resume exercise.

Body Lift FAQs

When can I see the final results of post-weight loss body contouring?

Most patients can see their final results in 3 to 6 months as residual swelling diminishes and the body fully heals and adjusts to its new contours.

Is a body lift a permanent solution for body contouring?

A body lift can provide long-lasting results, but it is not meant as a permanent solution. The aging process and lifestyle factors can still affect your body’s appearance over time. Maintaining a stable weight and healthy lifestyle can help you enjoy your results as long as possible.

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