If you want to keep your eyes looking bright, alert, and refreshed, our facial plastic surgery experts can do all that and more with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) at our St. Louis, MO, plastic surgery practice.

This popular procedure addresses the upper and lower eyelids together or separately and can be motivated by cosmetic or vision-related reasons.

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Who Is a GoodCandidate for Blepharoplasty?

Good eyelid surgery candidates are healthy non-smokers troubled by sagging skin, puffy bags, and hollowing around the eyes. Upper blepharoplasty candidates may have excess skin or fatty deposits that impede their vision or contribute to a drooping, tired look. Lower blepharoplasty candidates may have pronounced bags with accompanying circles or shadows under their eyes.

One of our board-certified plastic surgeons will evaluate your eyelids and determine the best course of action for rejuvenating your upper face.

Types of Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty can be considered either functional or cosmetic, depending on your reasons for pursuing it. Functional blepharoplasty refers to eyelid surgery to correct vision impairments caused by loose or overhanging skin. Cosmetic blepharoplasty is eyelid surgery that aims to enhance the appearance of the eyelids for a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing result.

Upper Blepharoplasty

Upper eyelid surgery removes sagging and excess skin above the lash line to reveal more of the upper lids. The incision is carefully concealed in the upper eyelid.

Lower Blepharoplasty

Lower eyelid surgery addresses bags beneath the eyes and excess skin. Depending on the extent of aging, the incision may be placed below the lash line or inside the lower eyelid.

Quad Blepharoplasty

Also called combined upper and lower blepharoplasty, this procedure treats all 4 eyelids for comprehensive rejuvenation.

Our Eyelid Surgery Before & After Gallery

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Blepharoplasty Benefits

Following eyelid surgery, patients typically enjoy:

  • Brighter, more open eyes
  • An improved field of vision
  • A smoother, more youthful under-eye area
  • A subtle but powerful transformation

What Is Blepharoplasty Recovery Like?

As with any surgery, you can expect bruising and swelling around the treated areas. These symptoms tend to peak by day 3 or 4 and will have largely resolved after the first week. To keep you as comfortable as possible, we recommend you use ice packs, take pain medication as directed, and keep your head above the level of your heart, even when sleeping, for the first few days.

Your sutures will be removed on day 5, at which point, we will assess how you are recovering. Most patients find that 10 to 14 days of recovery and “social downtime” is enough for them to feel comfortable returning to work and being seen by others.

We will provide you with detailed instructions to help ensure a quick, smooth recovery period.

Blepharoplasty FAQs

Can my procedure be performed in the office?

Upper eyelid surgery patients can have the procedure done in our office under local anesthesia. However, lower or quad blepharoplasty typically requires general anesthesia and may need to be performed elsewhere. We will evaluate your unique case during your consultation.

Can I combine blepharoplasty with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes. Blepharoplasty is often performed in conjunction with a brow lift or facelift to extend the rejuvenation benefits.

Trust Our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons for Your Blepharoplasty

Our four board-certified plastic surgeons are highly skilled at treating the delicate eye area. To subtly refresh your face with blepharoplasty, please request a consultation online or call us at (636) 530-6161 to get started.

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