A micro fat transplant is an excellent procedure to restore volume that has been lost due to aging or other factors.

This procedure involves harvesting fat via minimal liposuction, and then the fat is transferred into another area of the body. Most commonly, fat is transferred into the face, back of the hands, breasts, and the labia majora. The fat is taken from any area in the body with excess fat through small <5mm holes. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in our office.

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Benefits Of A Micro Fat Transplant

  • Can Be Placed Anywhere You Want Volume: Fat grafting can be used anywhere on the body you want to replace lost volume. Most commonly, it is placed in the face, hands, breasts, and labia majora.
  • Can Be Used To Augment Or Highlight: This procedure can be used to give your breasts a small augmentation or it can be used to highlight areas on the face, that have lost volume over time.
  • Can Be Used In Place Of Filler: Fat grafting is a great replacement when filler can become cost-prohibitive. Fat grafting can be performed as a better option when too many syringes of filler are involved.
  • Creates A More Youthful Appearance: Re-adding volume to areas that it has been lost creates a more youthful appearance. It can be used to get rid of thin and frail-looking hands, or even re-add volume to the labia majora that has been lost throughout the aging process.

Common Fat Grafting Areas


Restoring volume to the face is one of the most common fat grafting areas. Fat grafting to the face is performed when using filler would become cost-prohibitive. Approximately 20-30% of the fat that is transplanted is resorbed by the body, which takes about three months. Then, additional fat grafting can be performed.


Another area that fat grafting is also performed is in the back of hands. This area can often lose volume with age, causing your hand appears to be fraile and thin. Fat grafting restores volume to this area to create a more youthful appearance.


Fat grafting to the breast is used when a patient doesn’t want a massive change in cup size. The fat is injected into the upper breast, causing the breast to appear full. Keep in mind that this will not be a considerable enhancement.

Labia Majora

Fat grafting can also be performed on the labia major. The labia majora is the outer lips on a woman’s vagina. As women age, this area begins to lose volume and shrink. Fat grafting is used to replace the subcutaneous fat that has been lost by aging.

Consultation Process

You will discuss your procedure goals and options during your consultation with one of our four surgeons. After that, your surgeon will recommend a procedure plan that aligns with your goals and fits your specific case needs. Click here if you’re ready to schedule your consultation.

What is Micro Fat Transplant Recovery like?

Immediately after:

The fat is taken from any place on the body where you have extra fat, through small <5mm incisions. These incisions are left open to drain or, if minimal liposuction was performed, a single dissolvable stitch is used to close the incision.

For the face, the fat is grafted through a small needle hole. immediately after, you will have some tenderness to touch in the grafted areas, some swelling and sometimes mild bruising, and the early contour is usually slightly overdone.

One week:

Swelling and bruising peak around day 4 and start to settle down around day 7. There is still mild to moderate swelling and resolving bruising which can be covered with makeup.

One to two months:

At one month is when you will start to see if some of the transplanted volume is lost. Around month three is when we will plan another round of fat grafting if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big will my breasts be after the fat transfer?

It is important going in to the surgery to not have your expectations high for a major result. Your breasts will be slightly larger in size, comparable to when you have your period. This procedure will not give you the fullness a breast augmentation will.

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