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My colleagues and I are pleased to offer a rapid recovery option for breast augmentation here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery. If you’re wondering how rapid recovery breast augmentation is different from other approaches to the procedure, as well as whether you’re a candidate, this blog post is for you.

Although traditional breast augmentation doesn’t typically require more than 1 week off from work, few people would turn down a quicker recovery. In most cases, rapid recovery breast augmentation patients need only 2 days after surgery to rest and recuperate at home. To make a breast augmentation procedure truly “rapid recovery,” we take a few special steps.

Minimal Tissue Dissection

The foundation of rapid recovery breast augmentation is the concept of “minimal tissue dissection.” In other words, your surgeon creates as little disruption of the breast tissue as possible. By using focused, gentle, meticulous incisions, there is less unnecessary bleeding, bruising and swelling, thereby minimizing recovery time.

Better Pain Management

After rapid recovery surgery, patients may be fitted with a pain pump instead of prescription medications. These small devices release local anesthetic to the operated area, ensuring that pain is reduced at the site — without the side effects associated with opiates.

Close Communication

Our patient care coordinators work very closely with you to ensure you’re healing normally on schedule. This averts any potential problems early, and it also gives our patients peace of mind. They’re available by phone around the clock to address your questions or concerns as they happen.

In general, candidacy for rapid recovery breast augmentation is not markedly different from candidacy for a traditional breast augmentation. It’s still important that you be in generally good health and free from any conditions that could interfere with your surgery or your results. In a previous blog post, we covered this very topic.

Are you considering a rapid recovery breast augmentation? Tell us why in the comments!

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