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You never know what a news agency will pick up. Recently the published an article on Heidi Montag and “back scooping.”

“Back Scooping” actually refers to a procedure that we have done for years as part of our liposuction procedures. Several years ago, low hipped fashions came in style for women. Unfortunately, most women’s bodies were not designed to show off that particular portion of their anatomy.

By placing a patient face down in the operating room, a tiny incision is made in the gluteal crease along with one tiny incision in the gluteal fold on each side. Through these three tiny incisions, I can suction the excess fat from the lower back and the hip area. This removes the fat from these areas giving a more “scooped out” appearance. The other benefits of this approach are that your gluts look better and can be given a rounder shape. Now you can look like you have been doing lunges at the gym.

Through the incisions in the gluteal folds, the outer thighs can also be suctioned as well as the back part of the inner thighs. Most of the patients will also have liposuction of their abdomen and flanks from tiny incisions on the front side as well. Your waist will be made smaller from this surgery.

If you grab that fat on your hip and lower back, you can easily see how getting rid of it will improve your appearance.

Sometimes we will liposuction the upper back as well through two additional tiny incisions if this area is larger than desired.

William H. Huffaker, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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