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As a society, we are very visual. YouTube videos often garner more attention than blog posts filled just with words, and when searching for the perfect board-certified plastic surgeon, many people rely on before and after photos of real patients to make this important decision.

There has been a lot of attention focused on before and after photos lately, and how they appear in Google search results. At St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we are very vigilant about our photo procedures, always making sure that no photo ever has a patient name attached to it.

Not only do we require consent from the patients and make sure to block out faces from body shots, but the photos are assigned random numbers as image names in our internal computer system. Then, when photos are uploaded to our image gallery, they are again assigned another number. For example, “view20_after” is a common image name. Similar safety precautions are in place on other sites that feature our surgeons and their work, like or

We are constantly striving to keep informed of the newest advances in technology, and ways to keep our patients–past, present, and future–fully informed. As technology evolves, we will always make sure our policies and procedures evolve along with it, providing the best patient experience possible.

2 Responses to Before & After Pictures: How We Make Sure Our Photos Remain Anonymous

  • It’s nice to know that certain steps are taken to show your work without jeopardizing the patients identity if they don’t want to. It definitely helps you build confidence with potential clients.

  • Anne S. says:

    i GUESS, every cosmetic clinic should have the same policies when it comes to disclosing patients information/photos. Lately, a number of women filed a case against the clinic because of the leak of photos in the internet.

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