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By now, you’ve probably heard it over and over: Always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for cosmetic procedures. But why is board certification so important?

Recently, news stories detailing the effects of buttock injections performed by unlicensed individuals have emerged from all over the country. These “practitioners,” who are often nothing more than scam artists, use dangerous products such as industrial-grade silicone, bathroom sealant, and, in at least one case, cement to give customers the shapely buttocks of their dreams.

Unfortunately, their customers don’t end up with attractive results. More importantly, these dangerous procedures can be accompanied by infection, loss of limbs, and even death.

Board certification ensures that your doctor has not only completed medical school, but also that he or she has received specialized training in the field of plastic surgery. By choosing a board-certified physician, you’re taking an important step to increase the safety and effectiveness of your desired procedure.

All 4 of the plastic surgeons at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery are certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. If you’re considering butt augmentation or another body contouring procedure, contact us today to discuss your options for a safe and beautiful outcome.

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