Man in St. Louis, MO considering the body contouring options post-weight loss

Losing a significant amount of weight can be a long and arduous journey. You should be proud of your new body and the work it took to achieve. However, even after losing a few pounds, you may still struggle with sagging skin and other body issues. This can leave you feeling self-conscious and unable to enjoy your new look.

After a major weight loss, body contouring surgery with our doctors in St. Louis is an excellent way to wrap up your weight loss journey and feel confident in your appearance. If you’ve ever been curious about this plastic surgery option, here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions.

What are my body contouring options after weight loss? 

There are a variety of procedures that can be used to slim and sculpt the body. Some of the most popular options include tummy tuck, liposuction, arm lift, breast lift, or thigh lift. These different procedures can remove sagging skin and be combined together in various ways. Your doctor will help you decide which of these options will help you achieve your goals. 

Who is a good candidate for post-weight loss surgery? 

Post-weight loss surgery is best for St. Louis patients who have a significant amount of loose, saggy skin. Good candidates for body contouring surgery are those who are at a stable weight, eat a healthy diet, refrain from smoking, and are mentally prepared to undergo more than one surgery at once. 

How much weight do I need to lose before a body lift? 

There is no exact amount of weight you have to lose before your body lift. However, body contouring surgery is best for patients who are at their goal weight and don’t plan on dropping to a significantly lower weight. If you still plan on losing 20 pounds or more, please postpone your surgical plans so you can enjoy better results later on.

Is a body lift after weight loss covered by insurance? 

Most insurance policies consider body lift procedures to be cosmetic, meaning they won’t cover the cost of surgery. However, some policies do cover patients who have lost a large amount of weight (usually around 100 lbs or more) or can prove that surgery would improve their quality of life (skin flaps currently cause rashes on your skin, etc.) Speak with your insurance provider to see if your procedure can possibly be covered. 

Losing weight is no easy task. But if you want to more fully enjoy your final results, post-weight loss surgery can give you the confidence you deserve. 

If you would like to learn more about your best contouring options from experienced surgeons in the St. Louis area, please request a consultation online. You can also contact our practice office by phone at (636) 530-6161.

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