Woman on beach in white bikini

There’s no doubt that summer is a great time to show off your breast augmentation in St. Louis. But what activities can you participate in and which should you avoid? Here’s the lowdown:

Do: Take that trip to the beach. Once you are fully healed, you should be able to resume all of your normal activities, including a summer vacation.

Don’t: Hit the pool too soon. Although you may feel fabulous after 2 weeks, our surgeons recommend that women wait about 3 weeks before getting in the water. This gives tissue the time it needs to heal.

Do: Wear that new bikini. Go ahead! Flaunt your new body in a cute new swimsuit. Just be sure to dry off and change into dry clothes promptly after getting out of the water. This will help prevent your incisions from becoming infected.

Don’t: Sunbathe. Your incisions need to be protected from the sun. Tanning can damage the healing tissues and cause scars that are red, raised or wide. Our surgeons usually suggest that patients wait until the incisions are pale, flat and soft before tanning.

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