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There is a lot of buzz in the plastic surgery world about the new ABC show, “Bridalplasty”, where the brides-to-be compete to have plastic surgery procedures performed on themselves before the big day.  While it appears that most of the contestants will get some of their desired procedures done, only the winner gets all of her desired treatments and a big wedding as her prize.  Hope the groom likes what he sees because he doesn’t get to view the results of all of these surgeries until they’re at the altar.

I really don’t know where to start commenting on this mess of a show.    First, if it does not violate the Code of Ethics for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it only does so because of a technicality.  The concept of women competing in a contest for plastic surgery is a violation of the Code of Ethics and the plastic surgeon performing these procedures knows it.  Then there is the violation of the entire concept of marriage itself; the joining of two people who love each other to work and address the issues they face in life together!    This is a one-sided affair with all of the changes being decided by the bride-to-be.  Sure, many a bride has had a little something done before their wedding that they may have failed to tell the future husband but most of those things are small things like fillers or Botox.   The procedures being talked about here are the big ones; breast enhancement, nose jobs, liposuction, etc.  These are procedures that the couple needs to consider and address together and not treat as, “Let’s see what you have won behind door number 2!”  Lastly, there is the issue of having to be “perfect” for the wedding day.  That used to mean the flower arrangements were done right.  Here, it means that there are no flaws on the face and body of the bride.  She is perfect; just like some Barbie Doll.  But Barbies are not real and a marriage is.  Just like the flower arrangements, with time, things will change and even more plastic surgery cannot alter that fact.

Sadly, all that being said, this show being the bizarre and sad idea it is, will probably be a great success.

Herluf Lund, MD

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