A woman considering body contouring after weight loss holds a towel around her neck following an intense exercise workout

So you’ve finally lost all the weight. Congratulations! It’s a lot of hard work to make such a significant life change. While slimming down can be very exciting, you might have also gained a lot of loose, hanging skin in the process. Don’t worry–you’re not alone.

Excess skin is a common (and frustrating) result of losing weight. But our weight loss surgery experts at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery can help complete your body’s transformation.

Whether you’re interested in an arm lift, a thigh lift, or a tummy tuck, our St. Louis office is happy to help. We have assisted many patients who have experienced rapid weight loss and gained leftover, deflated skin. Unlike fat, skin can’t be reduced by diet or exercise. Post-weight loss surgery is often the best option to get that final, fitter look.

When considering body contouring after weight loss, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be at a stable weight. For the best results, patients should have maintained a stable weight for at least 6 months with no intention of additional weight loss. Establish healthy eating habits and form a consistent exercise routine.
  • Be aware of chronic health conditions. Lingering health issues can become important in the recovery process. Ideal candidates should be in good overall health and not have any underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes.
  • Kick bad habits. Smoking can make it harder to recover from surgery. Be sure to quit at least 6 weeks before your weight loss procedures, and do not resume smoking for at least 6 weeks after (but preferably not at all).
  • Take your time while healing. Patience is key. Be understanding with the time it takes for your body to heal. Know that your full results won’t take shape until the swelling goes down.

The recovery process is unique for every patient. Weight loss transformations are often a combination of multiple procedures. These surgeries are typically planned in stages to allow time for healing before taking on the next step. Each group of procedures is usually categorized by area of the body, but the order in which they’re performed depends on the doctor and the patient’s preference.

So remember: take your time!. Be kind to yourself. Make sure you have plenty of time to heal as you watch your results take shape. If you’re considering weight loss surgery, browse our gallery and be excited about the changes to come. While it is important to consider everything that goes into this transformative process, know that you have many options for creating a body that you truly enjoy.

If you have any other questions, contact us online or call at (636) 530-6161. Our board-certified experts are always happy to give any answers you need.

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