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It was an honor to be the lead author of one of the largest published studies about breast augmentation to date.  With my co-authors Dr. Mark Jewell, Dr. Janet Turkle, and Diane Murphy, we reviewed the long term results of over 10,000 breast implants used for breast augmentation over a 10 year time frame.  This study was just published in June 2016 edition of The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the world’s foremost scientific journal on cosmetic surgery and medicine.   Dr. Huffaker, Dr. Nathan, and our late partner, Dr. Bruce White also contributed to the study and St. Louis Cosmetic surgery had one of the largest numbers of cases submitted and followed.

The results of the study demonstrate that form-stable breast implants have a very low risk of diminished or total loss of sensation of the skin of the breast and nipple long term.  The study also found that breast implants had very low impact on if women were able to nurse postpartum with the incidence of lactation issues being comparable to women who did not have implants.  The results collected continue to support the long term safety of silicone breast implants.

As lead author of the study, I would like to thank all of our patients who participated in the study and the staff at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery for their dedication and support.


Herluf Lund M.D.

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