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That’s one of the promises made by this company and a host of other similar companies.  The compounds they use are injected into the fatty areas, the fat cells die and the fat “dissolves” away.  According to their marketing ads, the fat is then carried to your liver (or kidneys depending which ad you are reading) and then excreted out of your body.  So is that what really happens?

NO!  Recently the work of Dr. Leroy Young was presented demonstrating that when the fat cell breaks down, the fat inside the cell is then picked up by the body and stored someplace else.  It may wind up going into that fat cell just next to the one that was treated.  Dr. Young proved this by using “tagged” triglycerides which are the breakdown products of fat when the fat cell is disrupted.  These tagged fat breakdown products can be monitored similar to how a game warden monitors a tagged animal.  It turns out that very little of the tagged fat leaves the body.  Most of it just gets repackaged into other fat cells in your body.  This is very different than in liposuction where the fat is actually sucked out of the body during the treatment.

One of the interesting questions after this study was presented is: In Smartlipo cases where the laser is used to “melt” the fat and the fat is not sucked out, does the fat just get reprocessed and go elsewhere like it does with Lipodissolve?  I think I know the answer to that one also.

Herluf Lund MD

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