Does liposuction help you lose weight?

Many potential liposuction patients at my St. Louis plastic surgery practice assume that undergoing the procedure means they will lose a significant amount of weight. Unfortunately, this a big misconception. In reality, liposuction won’t dramatically change the number on the scale. That being said, liposuction and weight loss are connected in other ways. In this article we will discuss this connection and give you some information about how your body will change after the procedure.

On average, how much weight should a patient expect to lose?

It is important to not think of liposuction in terms of pounds. Rather, I try to strategically remove stubborn bulges of fat. This way, I am able to enhance and sculpt your figure safely. Risks from liposuction increase significantly when you remove more than 5 liters of fat. I stay below that limit for your health, which is my number 1 priority.

What is the overall goal of liposuction surgery?

Liposuction can treat unwanted fat on a variety of areas of the body, such as the neck, arms, back, chest, lower abdomen, flanks, hips, and thighs. Liposuction allows surgeons to create precise contours and reshape the body.

How can liposuction help you adopt a healthier lifestyle?

Many patients go on to lose weight following liposuction because they’re inspired by their new slimmed down figures. Seeing this improvement encourages patients to stick to a good diet and exercise regimen. Body contouring procedures are a great way to kick-start lasting lifestyle changes because they give patients a real, tangible incentive.

Are the results permanent?

Even though liposuction permanently removes fat cells, it does not prevent future weight gain. However, even if a patient does gain weight after surgery, the areas treated with liposuction will likely still look better than they would without liposuction. This is because once you enter adulthood, there are only a finite amount of fat cells in a given area. Thus, once some are removed, they cannot return. However, the fat cells that remain are able to get bigger or smaller, causing your weight to fluctuate.

Are there any non-surgical alternatives to liposuction?

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive treatment that requires no incisions, injections, or numbing cream. It uses precise cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells. Fat cells are more susceptible to the cold, so the surrounding tissues are left unharmed. A CoolSculpting session lasts about an hour and patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately after. One treatment can remove up to 25% of fat cells in the treated area. It takes several weeks to see the final results, and some patients opt for follow-up appointments to achieve optimal results.

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