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Taking care of yourself is more than just focusing on one part of your body. Nobody would recommend going to the gym and only working out only your arms, or only your legs. In order to really feel and look your best, you have to see yourself as an entire package. The exhilaration of a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck can easily be diminished by the simple fact that your skin care routine is ignored.

While most people are aware that fine lines and discoloration on your face can make you look older, the décolletage is an often ignored aspect of skin care, and wrongfully so. With low-cut  blouses and tank tops all the fashion, the skin on a woman’s chest is often showcased–especially if she’s just had a breast augmentation she wants to show off. The skin in this area is thinner than skin on other parts of the body, and sun is not kind to it. A healthy, fit woman can look years older than she actually is if her face and décolletage are damaged by the sun.

Because we want our patients to be happy with their final results, we encourage everyone we see –including our own staff– to get on a skin care regimen.  Nobody is too young for proper skin care. If you don’t have a lot of damage to repair, then prevention is the best defense.The average woman spends approximately $1200 a year on skin care products, often tossing products that promise the world and don’t deliver. We prefer to offer products that show visible results that we can show through before and after photos and the use of our Visia machine. With every surgery right now through November, we are giving patients a FREE SkinMedica skin care regimen, valued at over $400, and a $20 coupon of a Botox treatment. All the products are eligible for Brilliant Distinctions points, so it’s a phenomenal way to be introduced to some of the best skin care products around. 

If you have any questions about the products or the promotion, please call our office at 636-530-6161.


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