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The women who undergo breast augmentation here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery are a diverse bunch, but many of them are health-conscious people who enjoy working out regularly. For these women eager to maintain their routines, it can be tough to take the necessary time off from exercise after surgery. As we tell our patients, though, that time spent properly resting will ultimately help you perform your best. Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping yourself safe, healthy, and feeling good after breast augmentation:


  • DO follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter. That means sneaking in a jog or a weightlifting session before you’ve fully healed is not an option — no matter how good you’re feeling. Whether you undergo your surgery here or at another practice, your surgeon is intimately familiar with the nuances of your case and is the final authority on when you can resume your favorite activities.
  • DO listen to your body. When you go back to the gym, ease back into it carefully and remember that you will need to dial it back a bit until you regain the lost stamina, flexibility, and strength.
  • DO take a rest day. It’s important to understand that you won’t be back at your previous level of fitness immediately, and that’s OK. As you structure your new workout schedule, take a rest day or 2 in between workouts to allow yourself further time to heal.


  • DON’T If you’re not running your usual mile pace or lifting as much as you did before surgery, it’s no cause for alarm. Be honest with yourself about where you are currently, and you’ll be back at peak performance in no time.
  • DON’T put too much stress on the upper body. Arm and chest exercises are especially taxing on muscles that were affected by surgery, so it’s vitally important to re-introduce exercises slowly after your procedure. Once your surgeon gives you the go-ahead to work your upper body, use light weights and simple exercises before working up to your usual routine.
  • DON’T underestimate the need for support — namely, a good sports bra. After surgery, your breasts will be larger and heavier, too. You’ll need a well-fitting sports bra that keeps your breasts stable while you exercise. When shopping, try on an array of different sizes and styles to find one that works for you.


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