On any typical day in our spa, Mary Ann Egner’s schedule is jam-packed. As a certified medical esthetician who has been with St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery Medical Spa for many years, Mary Ann has built a client base of dedicated patients who appreciate her warmth and expansive advice about skin care. Caring for her patients is a passion for Mary Ann, and she does everything she can to make sure each person walks out of here feeling calm, happy and beautiful. Whether they need a chemical peel, microderm, laser hair removal or a knowledge base in skin care products, she takes careful stock of each person’s needs and tailors a plan specifically for them. She considers her job a blessing, and comes to work every day feeling lucky to be here and to be helping people feel better about themselves.

Mary Ann’s Favorite Product:

“Up The Anti” by PRESCRIBEDsolutions Full Spectrum Sunblock with SPF 30 ($50)

Why She Recommends This Product:

“I love it because it is a physical, not a chemical SPF. It has no additives that will cause breakouts, which is the common complaint I hear about using SPF on the face. It also has a bronzer which helps even the skin tone and hide imperfections, all while being very light on the skin.”

Posted by: Rhonda Shrum

One Response to Employee Spotlight: Mary Ann Egner, Medical Esthetician

  • Peggy Danley says:

    To Employee Spotlight: Mary Ann Egner, Medical Esthetician: You are so much more than a Medical Esthetician! You have helped people enjoy by educating us about what all is going on with our lives reflected in our skin. The Year of Beauty for me is just half completed and I look forward to the conversations, tips and techniques, information about my special needs based upon what all is going on, and yes, taking your advice about any products and regime especially made for me. — I have benefited in many ways. My dentist just said, “your skin looks fresh”.
    I’ve passed along to family and friends to think about those over-the-counter dollars spent vs. the medical esthetician approach to getting products and techniques, and professional services that get to the very core of our skin’s wellbeing. It seems like my appointment has been long ago — and it was just a month ago: “I must call Mary Ann, the little birdie whispered.” Thanks to a new special friend: Mary Ann Egner, Medical Esthetician and more……(glad she helps recruit staffers)

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