Learn more about breast augmentation at our St. Louis plastic surgery practice

Women considering breast augmentation both here in St. Louis, Missouri, and across the globe are often concerned about one topic above any other — recovery. At St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we are so pleased to offer an approach called rapid recovery breast augmentation. This type of surgery actually requires a series of meticulous techniques during the procedure to reduce the amount of time required for recuperation, which often takes only 2 days.

While the requirements for candidacy are not very different from traditional breast augmentation, there are some guidelines you should keep in mind:

  • The right size: It’s important to have a realistic size in mind if you’re considering rapid recovery breast augmentation. The implants you choose should be well-proportioned to your body to ensure a smooth surgical procedure and a comfortable healing process.
  • Sagging: Although sagging is a normal breast-related change, good candidates for rapid recovery breast augmentation must have only a very mild amount of sagging, if any. This is because adding breast implants to excessively sagging breasts can create an unfavorable outcome if a breast lift isn’t also performed during the surgery. Such a combined breast augmentation and lift cannot be a “rapid recovery” procedure.
  • Breast health check: Prior to undergoing any sort of cosmetic breast surgery, women over 40 are required to undergo a mammogram. This screening test isn’t just for cancer, either. It provides an accurate baseline assessment of your breasts’ health to help spot small cysts and other lumps before they can be palpated. Cysts and certain other breast irregularities can interfere with rapid recovery breast augmentation, so it’s important that they’re resolved prior to surgery.

As always, the most reliable way to determine your candidacy for surgery is by speaking to a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers the rapid recovery option. During your consultation, you and your surgeon can review your medical history to help you decide which approach to breast enlargement is the best for you.

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