When a woman makes the decision to have a breast augmentation, one of the first choices they will encounter, after choosing a board certified surgeon, is “how large should I go?” Often what women see on other women may not be what looks good on their particular bodies. So how do we determine the exact implant size for each patient?

The first thing our surgeons do is discuss size expectations in the consultation. Some women come in with photos of women whose breasts they like, others come in with a more general idea of of size, for example “I want to fill out my clothes better but not be too big,” or “I want cleavage,” or even “I’m a B cup but I’d like to be a C cup.”

Because cup sizing is so different between brands, and because every woman has a different idea of what “too big” is, we utilize some very specific methods of helping a patient narrow down her choices. After measurements are taken and the surgeons decides on a the “type” of implant that’s best for her body (round silicone gel versus cohesive silicone gel, for example), the patient is then taken for a Vectra Image. This 3D imagine software allows the doctor to show the patient how she would look with different sized implants, and the measurements provided by the computer are kept in the patient’s chart.

In addition to imaging, we still also use bras with sizers inserted at the patient’s pre-operative appointment. This way the patient can see on her own body, underneath a fitted shirt, what different sizes would look like.

Before imaging, and two different types of implants

Before imaging, and two different types of implants

The process for sizing can be confusing for women wanting to undergo breast augmentation surgery, but at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we make the process as simple as possible.

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