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Are you like most? Do you love to look at all the beauty ads in magazines. We all want to use that shampoo and get thick shiny hair just like the model that has never used the product in her life. Or have my wrinkles fade away in 30 days from a moisturizer made mostly with water. Plus, we all know that the model is so PhotoShopped that she doesn’t even recognize herself.  We all want to buy those products even though, we know better, but why do we do it? Because we are all a bunch of suckers?  No, because we all want a quick fix at the best price. There is nothing wrong with that. However, spending $20 bucks on skincare products every time you go to the drugstore or $80 worth of product s to get a free lipstick that is not our color, it adds up over time and that is what’s wrong.  Ladies, don’t spend your money on products that don’t work. Buying drugstore skincare products may not hurt your pocketbook each trip but overall most women spend how much a year on products that don’t work? So stick your $20 or $80 in a secret place and save it up for products that do work. So what products do work? Check back soon and we’ll tell you!

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