After waiting for years to have her procedure (and three kids later), Michelle is finally through and on the road to recovery. While her first couple of nights were a little rough (pain medication made her groggy, and she didn’t want to do much), every day got a little better after that. She got up, moved around, and felt better each time.

She slept in her own bed, although many women sleep in a recliner for easy standing. By the time one full week rolled around,  she walked into the office for her first follow-up appointment walking pretty well…and she even had lunch out with her mom and daughter that day!  The next week, she came in and had her drains removed, which is the highlight of recovery for just about anyone. The surgical drains, which help prevent fluid build-up after surgery, are necessary but a pain to deal with. In week two, she was out shopping at the mall but had her mom with her to help lift her kids (a 3 year old and 17 month old) in and out of the car and strollers. By week three, she was walking well, running errands, going to Cardinals games and wearing nice tailored shorts over her compression garment: you couldn’t even tell she’d had surgery. Although she gets tired a little bit easier than normal if she over does it, for the most part she feels great. Now, at  week four, she pretty much feels like her old self again, but looks like she 15 years ago. To her, surgery already seems like a long time ago.

When I asked Michelle her thoughts about her whole surgery experience, she said “I would do it again in a heartbeat! I can’t thank Dr. Lund enough for what he did for me.”  In terms of recovery, she said the hardest part was “waiting for my final result and wearing a sports bra and stomach binder every day. I was so happy with my results and every day things just keep improving. Swelling goes down, scars start fading and bruising fades. I was ready to show of my new look and you can’t if you are wearing a binder and sports bra! I was ready to dig in my closet and wear things I couldn’t wear after having three kids. It wasn’t that I was in pain, I was just excited and it was hard having to be patient, rest and recover.”


Pre-Mommy Makeover…the dreaded “muffin top”

Post-Mommy Makeover…no rolls anywhere!

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