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One of our more common procedures at St Louis Cosmetic Surgery is the Mommy Makeover. Bringing back your body after one, two, three, or more children can be challenging. Loss of breast tissue, stretch marks, loose skin, and additional fat pockets can frustrate many otherwise normal women. Frequently weight control and the gym simply are not enough.

Fortunately, there is an answer. We use several procedures, usually performed at the same time to try to restore you to that pre- child condition.
Sometimes your breasts require only the insertion of breast implants. Sometimes a lift is required at the same time. Occasionally a lift without implants can suffice. Silicone breast implants are usually superior to saline implants after pregnancy because the tissues are thinner.

A tummy tuck, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, will reduce many of the stretch marks and tighten that loose skin. This is normally accompanied by liposuction of at least the upper abdomen, hips and flanks (sides). Frequently we will add on the back, thighs, and even knees, calves and upper arms.

The result is quite a transformation. Crunches will help your muscles, but will do nothing for your loose skin. Loosing pounds is important, but sadly, we cannot choose where the weight comes off from. No amount of creams will improve those stretch marks. Normally with a tummy tuck, we can trim all of the skin from the upper mons to the umbilicus or higher. Along with that skin come any scars or stretch marks in that area.

Are there risks? Sure, as with any surgical procedure there are risks, but we try to minimize these as much as possible. During your consultations we’ll enumerate these for you as well as explain the procedures in more detail. Are you a candidate? We’ll be happy to evaluate you in the office and supply you with more information. You can move closer to that pre-pregnancy state.

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