Last week, we had our first “Cool Night,” a live demonstration and question and answer session focused on our latest non-surgical option, CoolSculpting. The tremendous turnout we received just reiterated what we already knew: St. Louis is very, very interested in a legitimate procedure that does away with fat with no surgery or downtime.

Aside from wanting to know how the technology works (see explanations here), people typically want to know two things: what kind of result can I expect, and does it hurt?

What Does a Typical CoolSculpting Result Look Like?

While everyone’s results will vary, anyone who has excess fat will see a fat reduction within the treated area. The areas we treat most often are abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs. We can also do upper arms and back bra rolls if needed. Here are some of our early results on patients:



abdBefore&Afterweb How is the Pain?

The CoolSculpting device uses heavy suction and cold, so the feeling is very unique. The initial reaction by most of our patients when the device is hooked up is “startled,” as it feels like a very strong, pressurized pull. While shocking, the general consensus is that it’s not “painful.” After 5-10 minutes, the area goes numb, so there is no feeling by that point. Many patients read or even fall asleep for the duration of the treatment. Below, you can see what the initial suction looks like on a male patient. Notice the amount of fat that gets pulled into the device.

When the treatment is over (each one lasts 60 minutes), and the device is removed, the frozen fat resembles a red, frozen stick of butter. The technician will massage this frozen area so that it once again is flat; this proves to be one of the most uncomfortable parts of the whole process. However, it only lasts for a few minutes. After treatment, you can go back to work, go shopping, whatever you’d like to do.


A few days after treatment, you may start to notice some sharp “pings” in the treated area. Some people experience minor swelling, some experience bruising. Again, everyone’s experience is different, and Dr. Huffaker and Dr. Lund can let you know what to expect during your consultation. Our experiences with the device have been nothing but positive, and our staff is enjoying seeing results not only on our patients, but on themselves as well.

Do you have any questions about CoolSculpting, or experiences you’d like to share? Let us know!

2 Responses to Non-Surgical CoolSculpting Provides Real Results

  • cindy says:

    hello, i wanted to know if cool sculpting = feeling cold on the body?= is it bad for someone who has heart problems?


    • Rhonda Shrum says:

      Hi Cindy, you will want to contact your primary care physician to see if your heart conditions will interfere with the process.

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