Last summer, I had a full-body makeover. After losing a considerable amount of weight, I had a tummy tuck, a body lift, a breast lift, and an augmentation. I also had a newfound realization: while I could now wear more than I could before, I still wasn’t exactly sure how to dress myself.

At first, it seems easy enough. You just assume, or at least I did, that the same type of clothing you wore before would fit…just better. But for me, I quickly learned that the same brand bras, or same style of jeans just simply didn’t look right on me anymore. As the months have passed since my procedure in July, I’ve grown more and more frustrated at my inability to find the right bra and the right pair of jeans. I can honestly say that I’ve wasted more than I care to admit on the wrong bras, and jeans that show my underwear every time I bend over. For some things, cheap is ok. Trendy, of-the-moment flowy tops, or stretchy skirts, are things I don’t mind guessing on, as I’ll tire of them quickly anyway. But for the things that matter, I needed help.

Enter Nordstrom.

Our surgical special for April and May was born largely of my desire to help our patients avoid many of the issues I myself have faced. Everyone who schedules a procedure during this time gets $250 and a personal shopping session with the amazing stylists at Nordstrom, either at the Galleria location or West County. You can focus on lingerie, bathing suits, designer jeans…whatever your heart desires. For me, I knew I wanted the perfect bra, and the perfect jeans. So shopping I went.

First off, every client gets a beautiful room!

The dressing rooms at Nordstrom

Getting measured for the perfect fit. Just breathe, they’re here to help!

It only takes a second, but makes a world of difference!

While your stylist searches for the perfect bra, they literally wrap you in luxury.

No freezing allowed!

With the help of my fitting specialist, I learned I was wearing a too-small cup size. Up to an “F” I go! She looks pleased with herself, doesn’t she? 🙂

Side boob spillage is no-good!

Next up: jeans!  I’m always suffering from low-rise syndrome and everything is too long on my short legs. Nordstrom tailors everything though! They pinch, they pull, they fold till they get it right.

I’m feeling a little awkward on stage. So worth it though.

My perfect, post tummy tuck jeans are by Page, and they are a straight legged, mid-rise. No more low-rise for me and my no hips! And always try on with your typical shoes. I like to wear heels.

Never thought I’d wear a straight leg!

I was highly impressed with what I learned today, but like any girl, I enjoyed the last part the most.

I just love that silver bag, don’t you?

Hopefully, when you get your breast augmentation, or tummy tuck, you don’t have to suffer for months like I did. Just head on over to Nordstrom! Special thanks to the St. Louis Galleria stylists who helped me out today, you girls are amazing!

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  • CJ Wilkes says:

    What an experience! You really look fabulous – and there is nothing like having your clothes fit you nicely. I love the strait leg on you with your heels. You are going to look very snazzy 😀 Looking great girl!

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