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Ok, first I will admit, this is a very biased blog report but then again, it should be since we-the surgeons of St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery- have been using pre-operative sizing before breast augmentation for over ten years and this study just told us what we already knew.  Patients who undergo pre-operative sizing before breast augmentation are more satisfied with their final breast size and have less re-operations to change their breast size after their augmentations.

The study is by David Hidalgo and Jason Spector and was just published in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery.  In their study, they looked at 567 patients, 297 did not have pre-operative sizing and the remaining 270 did.  They followed the patients through surveys and found that the patients that had undergone pre-operative sizing were happier with their final breast size and felt the sizing before their surgery had was both helpful and accurate.

This study really does mirror what we have found in our practice.  Yes, pre-operative sizing does take more time on the part of the patient, the nurses, and the doctor. Yes, it does require another visit to the office before your surgery but in the bigger picture, we think it is worth it and now, it appears the patients do also.

Herluf Lund MD

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