Should I lose weight before or after breast augmentation?


Many of the patients we see considering breast augmentation at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery are in the midst of making a personal transformation that often includes losing weight. This could be simply toning certain trouble spots, or making major lifestyle changes that include changing their diet and exercise habits.

In either case, women typically want to know if they have to reach their ideal weight before scheduling their breast augmentation procedure. In some cases, these patients have experienced weight fluctuations throughout their lives, or after being pregnant, and they’ve seen the changes in their breasts that result. Weight changes don’t actually affect breast implants, but there are good reasons to be at a healthy and manageable weight before getting cosmetic breast surgery.

Those reasons include:

  • Weight loss changes the breast tissue
  • Surgeons base their recommendations on the patient’s body size
  • A patient’s satisfaction with her appearance may change with weight loss

Relatively small weight changes–say, 10 to 15 pounds in either direction–after getting breast implants aren’t really a cause for concern because that probably won’t alter the breasts’ shape. But if you’re thinking about losing 30 pounds and considering getting breast implants, it’s best to be at or near your goal before undergoing the procedure.

It’s also important to note that breast augmentation–or any cosmetic surgery, for that matter–isn’t advisable for patients whose BMI (body mass index) is outside a healthy range. A patient who is significantly overweight is at higher risk for complications during and after surgery and may experience a slower healing process. Breast augmentation patients who come into the procedure healthy and happy with their overall appearance–with the notable exception of their breast size–are more likely to be satisfied with the outcome of the operation.

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