According to an article on about the most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions, only 15% of people who try to quit smoking on January 1 actually manage to stay smoke-free for more than six months. With odds like that, it’s no wonder why many people don’t even give it a shot. But the benefits of quitting smoking are far too great to give up hope. Most people are aware of the top health benefits, like the ones we wrote about here in 2012: lower risks of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and premature babies. But have you thought about the other benefits, the ones that may not sound as big? They are just as motivational, if not more so, because these are the things that affect our everyday lives.

The smell.

If you’re a heavy smoker, you might not recognize this, but trust us, everyone else does. Non-smokers can smell smoke on your hair, on your clothes, on your furniture, and on your breath–sometimes even before you enter the room. It’s not pretty.

The yellow teeth.

If you’re still smoking, white teeth will always elude you.

The expense.

Add up what you spend monthly on your habit. What could you be spending that money on that would be healthier? Whether it’s saving for a vacation or applying it to a gym membership, you’ll be amazed at the extra cash you suddenly have to do the things you thought you couldn’t afford.

The bad skin.

Have you ever noticed that smokers tend to look older? It’s not your imagination. Smoking causes premature wrinkles, looseness associated with poor elasticity, and unsatisfactory wound healing.  If you’re still smoking and you desire a facelift, for example, you won’t heal as well or as quickly as your non-smoking friends would.

So, how do you go about tackling this beast of a resolution? Here are 13 surefire ways to help you kick the habit, once and for all, courtesy of

1.  Know Why You Want to Quit

2.  Don’t Go Cold Turkey

3.  Try Nicotine-Replacement Therapy

4.  Ask About Prescription Pills

5.  Don’t Do it Alone, Inlist Help

6.  Manage Stress

7.  Avoid Alcohol and Other Triggers

8.  Clean Your House and Clothing

9.  Try and Try Again…Don’t Give Up

10.  Get Moving and Exercise!

11.  Eat Fruits and Veggies, They Make Smoking Taste Terrible

12. Reward Yourself with the Money You Save

13. Remember Those Big Health Benefits

Have you successfully kicked this habit? What helped you?







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