In our last blog, we featured Dr. Huffaker, and how he stays fit. This time, we talk with Dr. Christian Prada, who stays fit by having fun…with a combination of activities that typically involve his children and his dog.

What is your favorite type of exercise to stay healthy?

Dr. Prada: Running, weight training, playing soccer/lacrosse/tennis with the kids. Playing sports with my sons is my favorite, by far. IMG_0025 IMG_0023 When I jog, I take my dog, Caesar with me. IMG_0024

Is there any sport out there you would still like to try?

Dr. Prada: Scuba diving! It looks fun and relaxing.

How important is exercise when it comes to getting and maintaining great plastic surgery results?

Dr. Prada: It is extremely important. You have to base your final result on what you bring to the table. The closer you are to looking your best prior to surgery, the better you will look after.

How soon do you advise patients to start working out after surgery?

Dr. Prada: At two weeks, I recommend light exercise, such as the stationary bike or walking. At four weeks, most patients can fully return to their pre-surgery routine.

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