Whether it was Jennifer Lopez coming back into spotlight on American Idol, Pippa Middleton at her sister’s royal wedding in 2011, or Kim Kardashian flaunting her assets every day out in Los Angeles, one thing is certain: women are increasingly asking for a larger, rounder, firmer backside just like theirs.

A firm, round behind is the latest desire for women.

One of the most popular ways to achieve this look, (often called the Brazilian Butt Lift), via plastic surgery in St. Louis is through a combination of liposuction and fat injections. Dr. Herluf Lund will take fat  areas of the body with excess, like flanks, abdomen, back or thighs; and then inject that into the butt.  Because a Brazilian Butt Lift typically requires moderate to large amounts of fat to produce the desired outcome, it is not ideal for women who have very little body fat to begin with. However, for the right candidate, it can create the curvy shape a lot of women hope for.

Just like any plastic surgery, though, it’s not a cure-all. Once results are achieved, they still have to be maintained. Exercise and a healthy diet are always the best way to make sure that the results you got are the results that stay with you.



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