For the past several years, breast augmentation has been the most common plastic surgery procedure here in St. Louis, MO. Many of our patients research the procedure online before they come in, which is a wonderful way to begin the planning process. We then like to have thorough discussions during the consultation about each different decision a patient must make.

Let’s take a look at 3 important factors patients should know about before a consultation so they can work with their surgeons to find the best options for their bodies:

1. Implant material: There are 2 materials of implants used for breast augmentation in the U.S. Saline (saltwater) implants are FDA-approved for patients age 18 and older, and silicone gel implants are approved for patients age 22 and older. Our surgeons have extensive experience using both types, and we can talk patients through the advantages of each. For instance, silicone implants are surging in popularity right now, and patients appreciate their natural look and feel. Saline implants require a smaller incision because they are inserted empty and then filled after they are in the body. Certain materials are best for certain patients depending on their existing breast tissue and other factors, so we make our recommendation after examining a patient’s body and listening carefully to her goals.

2. Implant size: Many patients come to consultations with an idea of what bra cup size they hope to achieve. However, implants are measured by volume in cc (cubic centimeters), not by cup size, so we work to find the right volume that equates to the patient’s goal. It’s also important to understand that a size of implant can look very different on 2 different bodies. That’s why we take careful measurements and use a variety of tools to make our size recommendation. Each of our patients uses our VECTRA® 3D imaging system, which creates a visual simulation of what different implant sizes may look like. We also have patients try on “sizers” so they can see how they look in clothes. This important step helps people truly visualize and get excited about their choices.

3. The right surgeon: Choosing a plastic surgeon is perhaps the most important step a patient takes toward ensuring her satisfaction. A patient should confirm her physician of choice is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has vast experience with breast augmentation. It’s wise to review before-and-after photos to see that the surgeon gets strong results in a wide variety of cases. Additionally, it’s very important to make sure patients form a strong personal connection during the consultation. A patient should feel very comfortable asking questions, describing what she wants, and working together to plan the procedure.

We as surgeons believe that the best results come when our patients trust us and collaborate with us before breast augmentation. That’s why we work hard to make sure we cover every option thoroughly and why we ask a lot of questions about our patients’ motivations and goals. We want to know how we can best help, and we want patients to feel confident and excited about each decision along the way.

To learn more about the planning process and what it’s like to work with our team, we invite you to contact us for a consultation.

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