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According to Time magazine, it’s not a matter of if you are going to have of cosmetic procedure but when you are going to have one. The lead article in the June 29th issue of Time looks at the changing perceptions surrounding aesthetic plastic surgery and not just in the USA but around the world. Just as make-up products were hidden under the counters in the 19th century (for fears it promoted prostitution), and in the 1930’s, hair dying was kept secret (“good” girls didn’t), it used to be that having plastic surgery was a no-no, a “not to be talked about” subject, something only “those women” did. But the views have changed and having plastic surgery is now out in the open. Just go on to the internet or turn on a television in case you don’t believe me.

But most interesting aspect of the Time magazine article were the comments from two well-known leaders in feminist and gender studies that reflect a broader acceptance of cosmetic procedures and their role in women’s empowerment. Both of these professors in feminist studies in the past had written books and lead articles critical of how cosmetic surgery and procedures manipulated women and “co-opts feminism.” Both now acknowledge that maybe it is the other way around; that having the freedom to alter, change, or shape oneself without fear of criticism is very empowering. The data is there; that having cosmetic procedures for most women gives a large boost to their self-esteem and represents a step forward in self-affirmation. And here’s another bit of big news from the article: cosmetic procedures have a similar impact on men as well!There is a lot more to the article and it’s well worth reading. You can find a link to Time magazine’s site here.


More to come.

Herluf Lund M.D.

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