Man happy with results of post-weight loss surgery done by St. Louis weight loss doctors.

Losing a significant amount of weight is no easy task. If you have finally reached your personal goal weight, you should take a moment to celebrate. Despite this significant accomplishment, unfortunately, you may discover that you’re self-confidence isn’t what you thought it would be because of large amounts of loose, hanging skin.

Patients seeking surgery after weight loss at my St. Louis practice have many options to choose from. Even though tummy tucks, arm lifts, and thigh lifts can all remove excess skin in various ways, these procedures can also have other, unexpected benefits.

Have you recently completed your own fitness journey? Here are a few things you can look forward to after post-weight loss surgery.

Have More Clothing Options

Many people are motivated to lose weight so they can feel better about their appearance. You might have hoped to wear the clothes you’ve always wanted, only to find that your excess skin makes you feel self-conscious.

By undergoing cosmetic surgery after weight loss—such as our different body contouring options—patients can remove the loose skin holding them back. Body contouring helps firm up your physique and allows you to fully enjoy the hard-earned benefits of weight loss.

Remove Old Scars & Tattoos

Removing excess skin can also allow for removing scars (such as those from a previous C-section). Depending on the incision location, your surgeon can hide your scar or incorporate it into the new procedure. A tummy tuck can flatten and tighten your stomach while either trimming off scarred tissue. Your surgeon can also blend the scar in with a new, less visible incision.

During a tummy tuck, it is also possible to move or trim off a tattoo on the abdomen. While these benefits depend on the patient’s particular procedure and tattoo placement, feel free to discuss this opportunity with your surgeon.

Improve Endurance

After significant weight loss, loose skin can become unexpectedly heavy. Removing these sagging folds can make moving and exercising more comfortable and enjoyable. Also, when patients undergo a body contouring procedure, they often become more confident in how they look. This might help them stay more motivated to stick to an exercise regimen.

Weight loss and post-weight loss surgery can be a benefit all their own. Dramatic transformations can be created by various body contouring procedures. But in addition to these satisfying results, it’s good to know extra potential perks.

Browse our before-and-after gallery to see the results of plastic surgery after weight loss experienced by our patients. If you’re curious about your own body contouring options, contact the practice using the online form or by calling (636) 530-6161.

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