It is no secret that the use of fat to improve aesthetic results has been one of the fastest areas of growth in cosmetic surgery.   And while fat seems to be an almost ideal  material to use since it is your own tissue and most of us have a little extra that we would like to get rid of, fat can be challenging to use for many reasons.  Fat cells are living tissue and have to be handles gently to survive.  Harvesting fat takes time, sometimes longer than the rest of the procedure.  Not all of the fat that is harvested is usable since some of the fat cells can be damaged during harvesting or when being transferred.  Putting larger amounts of fat in is also a slow and sometimes physically challenging procedure for the surgeon and OR team.  But things are changing!  Last week, I introduced a new technology for our use of fat in our cosmetic surgery procedures.  The new fat transfer system allows me to harvest more usable fat in a shorter time than ever before.  The new system also has a specialized pump injector system allowing for smoother and more even fat placement in a shorter time.  What this means for the patient is shorter surgeries and more places we can use fat to enhance our results.  As you can see from the photo, one of my OR team, Sandy gives the new system a thumbs up.  Come in and see what the new fat transfer system can do for you.

Herluf Lund M.D.



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