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Thousands of people consider aesthetic plastic surgery each year, and more and more those people are turning to photos so they can try to imagine for themselves what they would look like after a procedure.  St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery has new technology to make that choice more visual and much easier to ultimately make. Recent advances in three-dimensional (3D) photography combined with revolutionary new software allow prospective patients to preview what they will look like as the result of breast augmentation, facial procedures, and more, well in advance of any surgery.

Our goal is to always help you look and feel confident, beautiful and happy. With Vectra 3D imaging, our board certified surgeons can easily help you visualize the results you desire. We are proud to be the only plastic surgery firm in the St. Louis region to offer this amazing technology, and we are confident that as soon as you see the possibilities, any worries or doubts you may have previously had will melt away.

Our consultations are free, and the 3D imaging takes mere minutes. It’s simple, painless, quick and utterly “wow” inspiring!

To see simulations for yourself, visit Sculpt My Dream and click on “see it in action.”

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