Every day, our Facebook news feeds are bombarded with images of people who have taken plastic surgery too far. From the outlandish Kim Kardashian, to the tight-lipped Renee Zellweger, to the people who want to look like real-life Barbie dolls, the message is clear and often negative: Plastic surgery makes you look unlike yourself.

But the reality of plastic surgery couldn’t be further from the truth. The negative stories may garner the headlines, but the average patient who opts for cosmetic procedures is a normal, every day woman (or man!) who simply wants to feel a little more confident. Truthfully, unless the patient chooses on their own to open up about their procedures, a lot of people can’t even tell that our patients have had “work done.” Realistic and natural-looking results are the norm when you find a trustworthy, board certified plastic surgeon.

While some people choose to stay quiet on the subject of their surgeries, many others proudly show off what they’ve had done. Happy patients are the norm for us, and many of them choose to share their personal photos, showcasing how happy they are with their results. This is always one of our goals: a confident, pleased patient who looks natural and has renewed confidence in their body.




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