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Some people resort to using bar soap, trying to rid the skin of excess oil, not knowing that soap can cause skin to dehydrate instantly, thus activating the oil glands to multiply their oil production internally in order to compensate the loss of the surface oil.  It’s no secret that ALL bar soap causes soap scum.  If the waxy substance used in bar soap to help maintain its shape leaves a waxy coating on a non-porous surface like your shower walls or tub, what do you think it’s doing to your skin?  Even bar soap with the best ingredients is still BAR SOAP. Most contain salt, which will harden any oily debris clogging the pores even more. When the increased oil production inside the pores can not flow out due to the hardened debris clogging them, it can lead to enlarged pores, blackheads and other acne issues. The dehydration caused by bar soap may also lead to skin rupture allowing bacterial invasion into the skin leading to acne and acne scarring.

Wendy Ventimiglia, LE, CMES (medical esthetican) 

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