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For typical women, the decision to have plastic surgery is a big one, one that requires plenty of research into board certified surgeons, discussions with friends and family, and self-reflection. For a woman who works in the plastic surgery industry, though, it may seem as the the choice would be easy–but it’s just as consuming as it is for any other person trying to figure out of a major body change is the right thing to do.

Here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we have many employees who entrust their new bodies to our well-trained doctors. One of those employees has been on the fence for a while, though, and her reasons aren’t all that typical. A lot of women need a tummy tuck because they have excess skin, stretch marks and cellulite. She didn’t have those issues, but she still felt unhappy with her appearance, even after losing weight.

“My husband and I own a place down at the lake, and from morning till night, I’m in a swimsuit. When you don’t feel great about your stomach, it’s not the best feeling to be so exposed all day. I would often find myself hoping for rain or cool weather so I didn’t have to put on the dreaded swimsuit. I’d even find excuses not to go out on the boat that day with my husband, all because of that bikini.

I knew that if I lost some weight, my issues might go away, so I did the hard work and lost a few pounds…but I still didn’t feel better! 

I knew that I wanted the surgery, but there was a major factor holding me back: the fact that I smoked. Smoking before and after surgery is a major no-no, and for years, I simply chose the smoking over the procedure. How ridiculous does that sound! In all honesty, I think I was afraid that I just couldn’t quit. I’d failed numerous time in my life, and I figured this time probably wouldn’t be any different.

But I knew this was the choice I wanted to make. I really, really want to look good in a bikini. I guess when you really decide that you want something, you can do anything you set your mine to, and I’m proud to say I am now smoke free and ready to take the next step in my journey.”

Coming up: going through a consult and pre-op.

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